Product Care

Caring for Your Bag

Fond products are crafted by meticulous artisans using proprietary materials and techniques.

The coat-printed fabric retains the natural character of its noble yarn: pure, organic cotton. The leather trim is specially made for Fond in a boutique tannery using all environmentally-friendly materials and processes. We suggest the following tips in caring for your canvas bag:

  • Minimize exposure to high temperatures by keeping the bag away from heat sources like radiators, fireplaces, hair dryers, curling irons, hot car interiors, heat lamps, and direct sunlight. Do not iron any part of this bag.
  • Avoid liquids, humidity, and oils. Do not wash or dry clean. Pat spills dry with a lint-free, dye-free cloth.
  • Prevent color transfer by keeping away from cosmetics, magazines, other accessories, dark denim, and other materials that may leech their color onto the bag.
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces and friction in general.
  • Store the bag in the dust bag provided. If folding, line the creases with a soft, undyed cloth or layers of tissue paper.
  • Wipe the canvas with a clean, damp microfiber cloth once or twice a month
  • Over time, you may wish to restore suppleness to the leather. Simply apply a leather conditioner with a soft, dust-free cloth. To ensure compatibility with the conditioner, first test in an inconspicuous location.

Or be more carefree and allow the bag to reflect the richness of your life with characteristic wear, like your favorite old jeans. Wear any dents with pride, and enjoy the memories behind the scratches. Ease is the ultimate luxury.

If you’ve got any additional questions regarding care for your Fond items, please email us at