About Fond

Fond is a tribute to people who love fashion but sometimes feel that they're on the outside looking in.

Fashion marketing asks us to accept the halo effect: even if you’re not planning to spend $50,000 on a dress, you might be dazzled by the red carpet enough to buy a bottle of perfume. 

This strategy isn’t only an innocent, wink-wink pitch for duty-free fragrance.

Labels vie to shape your definition of luxury so you’ll fawn over their VIP customers’ purchases. 

Julia Roberts Pretty Woman jewelry store window

How many luxury bags are sold because they’ll be recognized? A flex only works if onlookers are indoctrinated.

There’s a lot of goodwill that us non-couture shoppers have been granting fashion houses for decades.

“Fashion labels occupy flagships in our minds, rent-free,” concludes Fond creative director Roni Brunn.

Brunn believes it’s time we take back our power. 

Pretty Woman big mistake huge

At Thursday Friday, she used her Harvard Lampoon humor to parody luxury handbags that we, ourselves, deemed as classics whether or not they were in our closets.

With Fond, she’s crafted our collective fashion dreams into an accessible bag that’s on par with its high end counterparts in terms of quality, story, bespoke service, and meticulous distribution.

It’s a bag born of an immense love for fashion and an equal amount of unity with those whose love for fashion is not always requited.

Luxury bag silhouettes

In 2022, we question what we wear. We examine marketing.

We’ve all been inundated with unboxings and flexing on social media.

Even those who don’t sweat price hikes in luxury leather goods are apprehensive about autopilot consumption. Fond comes out with an IYKYK nod to other fashion fans and a respect for this challenging chapter in our history.