Successor to the 2010s' most controversial It-bag

Thursday Friday Together Bag

What was the most controversial It-bag of the 2010s?
Arguably, Thursday Friday’s Together bag.

The Together bag mocked OTT consumption as we emerged from the Great Recession, while itself it had a months-long waitlist. It was featured by virtually all major fashion publications – from The New York Times Styles to Elle to The Today Show, and it got picked up by more than 400 wholesale accounts in its first year.

Meet the Everything bag, successor to the Together bag.

This travel-ready, laptop-friendly tote is the first launch from new Los Angeles label Fond, founded by Thursday Friday’s original CEO and creative director, Roni Brunn.

In a Fond innovation, the concierge team personalizes each tote’s luggage tag with the client’s own photo.

The Everything bag retails for $495. 3 colorways are available at

The Everything bag

Inspired by vintage Hollywood Art Nouveau and the heritage of French fashion, the Everything updates these influences for our clients today.

More importantly, it’s a way to tell your own story.

In a Fond innovation, the concierge team personalizes the tote’s luggage tag with your photo. We print different versions of the photo, die cut them to size, insert one into the luggage tag, and pack the rest with memorabilia in a glassine envelope. We love the Everything as a gift.